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Jordan [userpic]
by Jordan (liaofconte)
at April 10th, 2006 (02:52 pm)

Meet Olivia Ryan - "We all know Olivia Ryan. Alicia Rivera’s dumb friend.
Known only for her not so witty remarks Olivia was labeled a Dumb Blonde who's had more plastic surgeries than a 7th grader should.

But what you don’t know is what it felt like to walk everyday in this bubbly wannabe’s footsteps.

Day by day, she had been teased and mocked by Massie’s inner circle lead her to where she is today.

Thinking back Olivia wasn’t always so dreadfully stupid, she was actually on the honor roll for 5 years and was a straight A student with a knack for solving the hardest math problems.

Meet the old Olivia a struggling gymnast with the lowest self esteem.
Before you judge you must know and to know you must go back. Way back.... "

By Breakfast at Tiffany's and Carmen (Rain123/Mmmkay).

Note: It's been said that this fic is basically discontinued - unfortunately, since it's creative, and an exploration of an underexplored charecter.

Today was Olivia Ryan’s first day of school.
Like any other 5th grader Olivia was very nervous.
Sitting in Olivia’s room was like walking into a palace.
Her all pink room, was as sweet as it gets.

Sitting in front of her mirror Olivia looked at the image in front of her.
A large amount of brown hair covered her face, as she brushed her hair back into a pony tail.
Taking off her eye glasses she glanced art her self.
She couldn’t look at her self.
It was too painful for her, to her face was pure horror.

Maybe it was because her mother and sister were so gorgeous, but Olivia was absolutely a disgrace.
Her family, viewed her as nothing more but another person they had to feed.
Olivia grew up with such low self esteem.
Her father forced her into gymnastics when she was only 4 years old.

“You don’t have a gymnasts body!” He would yell.

Olivia walked into her bathroom and pulled up her shirt.
A set of bony ribs showed through her skin.
Sucking in, Olivia wished she was thinner, then maybe her dad wouldn’t hate her.

Bending over her toilet bowl she furiously stuck her fingers down her throat.
Flushing the toilet she felt relived.

“I can’t eat anything today…” Olivia thought going downstairs.
Her mother had served a delicious breakfast.
Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and whip cream.
Olivia looked at the food, then up at her father who was reading the paper.

“You don’t need that.” He commented handing her half a pill.
“What’s this?” Olivia asked.
“It is a diet pill. Take it.” He said pushing a glass of water towards her.
Olivia nodded and gulped the pill down.

Walking to school, she felt dizzy,
Loosing her balance as she pulled open the doors of Octavian County Day School.
Looking around she felt a large body push her as she feel to the cold ground.

Olivia Ryan sat in class, pink mechanical pencil in hand. At the moment, she was in her math class, working on some problems the teacher had assigned.

She heard small giggles, and slightly turned her head to the right, only to see Massie Block, the infamous ruler of OCD, surrounded by her friends, Alicia, Dylan and Kristen.

Olivia turned her attention back to the math and sighed. She wished she was pretty like those four. In reality, she was. If only she would lose the glasses and the dorky wardrobe.

“I’m done!” she said, raising up her paper as if it was a medal.

“Of course you finished first, your LBR,” Massie said loudly, making the rest of the class laugh.

Olivia turned in her paper anyway, and buried her hands in her arms as soon as she got back at her desk. Why me? she thought, brushing a single tear off her face with the sleeve of her navy blue blazer.

She wouldn’t be taking this crap from Massie much longer.

Biting her lower lip, Olivia proceeded to her Gym class.

Walking nervously across the marble floor that tiled Octavian Country Day School, she heard the familiar sound of Marc Jacobs flats across the ground.

Turning around she saw four faces that made the Pretty Committee, Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Kristin Gregory, and Dylan Marvil.

Massie smiled her toothy smile and swiftly pulled out her cell phone, like demonic robots, the others followed as Olivia sat on the cold bench alone while her Physical Education coach began to speak.

“Welcome to P.E. I am Coach Roberts. I will be you’re teacher for the next year.Well lets get right down to it eh?” She replied checking off the wood board in front of her.

“Now most of you young ladies are around 10 or 11 correct?” She asked putting her mangled gray hair in a tight bun.

Olivia nodded cautiously.

“Today you all will be swimming laps.” Miss Roberts announced.

The class groaned and padded their way to the locker rooms.

All the girls watched as Massie pulled off her clothes and slid into a bathing suit.

Envying her perfect figure Olivia turned and did the same, trying to hide some of her self with her glossy blonde hair.

A eruption of laughter exploded behind her, and she turned around quickly to see what they were laughing at.

“LOOK AT HER!!” Massie yelled almost throwing her self down of the floor with pain from laughing so hard.

“Olivia should start her own wannabe group called The Itty Bitty Tittie Committee!” They all yelled together.

Alicia walked over, in her swimsuit, and pushed her A cups up. "This is what normal people should look like," she said, smiling proudly.

At the time A cups were a big deal.

The roars of laughter and screams made Olivia’s head numb with pain.

“Are ok Miss Ryan?” Coach Roberts asked as the rest of the girls dived into the pool.

“Um, can I sit this one out please?” Olivia said as Miss Roberts nodded and ran back out to the pool.

“Miss Abebly stop drowning Miss Block!!” Miss Roberts yelled slamming the locker door leaving Olivia alone.

Forcing her fingers down her throat a massive amount of yellow stomach acid landed in the toilet.

Flushing and wiping the remaining vomits from her lips Olivia looked at her self.

Massie won’t let me in the PC because I’m so fat and ugly! Olivia thought taking off her glasses to reveal her gorgeous eyes.

Olivia shook her head at the “hideous” image she saw and sat on the bench.

Sobbing she hugged her small knees, and buried her face in her arms.


Olivia’s words echoed throughout her head as she grabbed a towel and wiped her tears, hiccuping loudly.

Balancing her head under the rough towel, she began to dose off, having a dream where Massie was the loser, and she was the alpha.


“Olivia,” a voice said, and she felt herself being shaken lightly.

The voice almost sounded angelic, and she looked up to see a 7th grader shaking her. Ugh, this isn’t heaven, Olivia thought.

“Good, your awake. Get out of the locker room, this is our gym time.”

Olivia looked around the locker room only to see a bunch of 7th graders glaring at her coldly. They obviously thought of her as an LBR, like Massie did.

“Hurry up, ugly!” a voice called from the other end of the lockers, and the room echoed with laughter.

Olivia squeezed her eyes shut, keeping the tears from falling. She quickly reopened them, grabbed her clothes off the floor and ran out of the room, not knowing where she was going. It was only the first day of school, and she was already getting tortured.

She stopped after running for so long, trying to catch her breath. She spotted a vending machine across the hall, so she reached inside the jeans of her Sevens, and grabbed a dollar. Olivia picked a pack of chocolate chip cookies.

I can’t eat it, I can’t eat it! she thought to herself, opening the bag. She stuffed one in her mouth, and then another, and another. She hadn’t had this much sugar since the end of third grade, when her dad started thinking of her as “fat.”

“Olivia Ryan?”

Olivia looked up to see the nurse peering down at her. She realized how ridiculous she must look; chocolate stains all around her mouth, sitting on a towel, and only in a bathing suit.

“Um…can I use your bathroom to change?” she finally asked.

“Sure. I’m Adele by the way,” she said, helping Olivia stand up.


“So why were just sitting in the hallway, eating cookies, in a bathing suit?” Adele asked. Classical music played softly from a stereo, giving the room a peaceful vibe. The only thing wrong was that the whole place smelled like rubbing alcohol.

“It’s sort of a long story.” Olivia looked down and tapped the heel of her 2-inch pumps.

“Would you care to explain?”

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

“That’s perfectly understandable. If you ever want to talk about any problems that you’re having, I’m always here. Of course you can go to the counselor, but I’m here to talk as well.”

“Thanks.” Olivia tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and looked up at the clock. “I should leave. It’s time for lunch.”

“Okay. Here, you can have a Hershey bar.” Adele grabbed a Hershey bar from a small box on her desk, and handed it to Olivia. “Bye bye!”

“Bye!” Olivia walked out of the nurse’s office, feeling a little bit better about herself.


“Ehmagawd, OCD finally has a Starbucks stand!” Dylan exclaimed, walking as fast as she could without spilling a latte on herself.

“It’s called a kiosk, genius.” Massie rolled her eyes, and grabbed one of the lattes from the paper tray.

“It’s ah-bout time! It’s so annoying having to walk a block just to get a latte.” Alicia smiled, and took a sip of her drink.

“Yeah.” Kristen didn’t even grab a drink, she was too busy drawing something.

“What are you doing?” Massie asked while looking over her shoulder.

“I didn’t get to finish my sketches for art class last night, and I have art next period!” Kristin sighed and cracked her knuckles loudly, making Dylan laugh.

“It’s not like it matters! Getting one bad grade isn’t going to do anything. Your parents pay for you to be here, therefore getting just one F won’t hurt you. Only losers on scholarship have to worry about graders,” Alicia said.

“You’re right. But I still want to get good grades, even if it doesn’t matter.”

Olivia finally got to the cafeteria, and rushed over to the nearly empty lunch line, keeping her head down, hoping to remain unnoticed.

She grabbed a salad, and a bottle of water. It had been her lunch for the past year. Olivia handed the person behind her counter a $5 dollar bill, not even bothering to get her change. She rushed over to her empty table by the corner that overlooked the Briarwood soccer field.

She squinted her eyes and saw a bunch of guys running around on the field. It must be their gym time, she thought. And then she saw…him. Cam Fisher, the guy Olivia had been crushing on ever since she laid eyes on him. What was not to like? He had adorably messy black hair, toned legs, and best of all one green eye and one blue eye.

But he would never even give her a second glance with Massie chasing after him. How could she even stand a chance?

Olivia stopped looking, and forced herself concentrate on eating, but her mind stayed on thing- Massie Block. She was a conniving little bitch who always got her way. She was almost as worse as Alicia, but she didn’t do the innocent act to get her way. Massie did the I-want-my-stuff-now way.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the cafe, Massie was listening in on the conversation Alicia was having with her cousin, Nina. She was a total EW, with the whole frizzy-haired look. She was just as ugly as Olivia.

Massie looked at the other end of the café, spotting Olivia in an instant. Freak, she thought. But in the back of her mind another voice was saying You know you wanna be like Olivia.

Massie slapped the side of her head trying to get that annoying little voice out of her head. The PC stared at her, and she simply said, “I thought I lost my hearing for a bit.”

Her friends just shrugged and continued laughing at Nina. Massie sighed, and stared straight ahead at the wall.


Olivia finally got home, and she ran upstairs to her room and into her bathroom to make herself throw-up. She had had enough sugar today, and had probably gained a couple of pounds. And that just wouldn’t work.

“Hey, Liv!” a loud voice said. Olivia quickly flushed the toilet and washed her hands. Walking into her room, she saw her older sister Renee.

Renee was so beautiful, it made Olivia want to throw up all over again. Renee had that perfect shade of white blonde hair that not even professional stylists could achieve. She had big sky blue eyes, and perfectly tanned skin.

Olivia felt so ugly just being in the same room with her. “Yeah?”

“Here.” Renee handed her a half of a pill, the same diet pill she had swallowed this morning. She walked out of the room, looking like a model on the runway.

She went back to the bathroom, got a cup and swallowed the pill. The small boost of confidence she had gotten from the nurse had quickly vanished. And it was all her family’s fault.