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Jordan [userpic]
by Jordan (liaofconte)
at April 10th, 2006 (11:52 am)

Hidden - PG-13, with slash (Josh/Cam). By me. UC. In progress

"I can never say enough how sweet it is that you two stayed together so long," Massie declared.

Claire giggled, looking down at her left hand. "I know!"

"So's everyone here?" Derrick asked.

Massie shook her head. Despite their long ago break up, she and Derrington had remained friends. "Waiting for Josh...and his partner."

As if on cue, two men, one dark haired and one fair, walked across the plaza. "Looks like the gang's all here," Josh said, smiling. "With a few additions, of course. This is my boyfriend, Sam Jones."

Alicia paled, her news anchor smile freezing, then fading. "What?"

"You okay, sweetie?" her husband, Alex, asked.

Alicia pushed the arm he'd gently wrapped around her waist away. "So, Josh. You chose and alternative life style. How wonderful."

"Thank you," Josh replied. "And don't worry, you didn't drive me to homosexuality."

"Don't you mean sodomy?" she snapped. "Or sin? When?"

"Seventh grade - though I'd had some idea before," Josh replied calmly. "We had an open relationship, if you remember correctly. Surprising, for a Catholic."

Olivia, ready to resume an assistan in battle position, smirked. "Maybe I wasn't the only one practicing my oral."

Alicia ignored her friend. She glared coldly. "Who?"

"Excuse me?" Josh said.

"I mean, what guy were you with?"

"Well, I don't mind, but he does," Josh replied pleasantly.

"How about we walk over to the restraunt?" Massie suggested. "We've got reservations...."

As they walked, people changed positions, catching up, and introducing themselves. Claire went to help calm down Alicia - who was exclaiming about how she could have dated a "fucking fag" - and Cam dropped to the back, thinking, considering, pushing feelings of jealousy away.

Josh joined him, extending a hand to shake. "Congratulations."

"Thanks." Cam tried to ignore the familar, tingly feeling. "How are things going for you?"

"Work's good, relationship's good, I'd say overall, things are pretty much...good."

"Good." They walked in an awkward silence.

"So does Claire know?"



"No," Cam admitted.

"Going to tell her?" Josh asked.

Cam grimaced. "Not if I can avoid it. It's the one secret in our relationship."

Josh clapped him on the back (more tingling). "It's probably best that way. She's really a sweet girl - she's comforting Alicia about her 'fag ex." Hate to see two scenes."


"And - we're...friends, right?"

"Of course," Cam replied. After all they'd been through, being friends was the least he could do. He was almost obligated...right?

Chapter One: Beginnings

"Josh Hotz," the dark haired boy said, smoothly leaning over, extending a hand. He firmly shook Cam's hand.

Cam felt an odd tingle. "Cam Fisher. Uh, are you going to Briarwood?"

Josh nodded. "I went to Hotchkiss last semester. Let's just say, there was a bit of a distraction right before finals. So I...transferred. Besides, Briarwood's soccer team kicks Hotchkiss's ass." He glanced at Alicia and smiled. "As do OCD girls."

The boys are good too!!! Cam thought. He shook this thought out of his head - he was with Claire. And he wasn't...he didn't like guys. He couldn't. He wouldn't.

Cam felt weak.

"So, are you dating Claire?"

Cam turned. "What? Oh, yeah."

"Cool. I prefer Alicia - no offense," Josh said. Cam noticed that the grey Briarwood blazer looked very good with his eyes.

"To each his own, I suppose," Cam replied.

"To each his own."

Cam noticed they were alone in the courtyard, and this made him more than slightly uncomfortable. He - once again - tried to push this aside. Why was it always so confusing around this new boy?

"So Claire's you own?"


"You...type. You know."

"Oh, yeah. I suppose. And...Alicia's yours?"

"I suppose. I'm...differnet. I don't know if types really work."

"Maybe they don't."

Josh took two steps closer. They were barely not touching. "I'm glad they don't." He pressed his lips against Cam's.

"What's your type, Cam?" Josh asked, when he pulled away.

Cam just stared. That wasn't good. That wasn't supposed to have felt good. But it did.

Why did he have all these emotions stirring around him? What was he supposed to do? Should he push him away? Kiss him back? Run? Punch him hard, proving his masculinity?

Josh waited for a response of some kind. "I'll let you think it over." He turned to leave.

Cam watched him walk away. "Wait!" he called out.

Josh turned around. "Yes?"

"I don't know. My family's not particularly...accepting."

Josh nodded. "Nurture versus nature. But does that really matter? Officially, I'm with Alicia - at least sort of - and you're with Claire. Now, are you worried about doing this to her?"

"I wouldn't want to hurt her," Cam said. Before thinking, he added, "I love her like a sister."

"Just think, Cam." He turned again.

Chapter Three

They were adults. They were beyond shallowness, and petty fights. They calmed down, and everyone was civil to one another as they ate. But the dynamics had been perilously damaged. It was obvious that all of the women were trying to guess who Josh's love had been. Which one of the men? Who had been batting for both teams? Who still was, secretly?

Cam felt like he was going to explode. He didn't want Claire to know, but he couldn't handle himself. Part of him wanted to yell that he'd been with Josh, but that was entirely over. Another part wanted to grab Josh and kiss him as fiercely as was physically possible.

He excused himself, saying he had a headache, and needed air. It was true on both counts.

He stood in the middle of the plaza, observing adults and teenagers, socializing and shopping. He rubbed massaged his temples. Cam would have to face all of that again, and soon, and he entirely did not know what to do.


He turned. Despite the voice, he half expected Josh. Claire held out a small bottle of Tylenol. Cam took two, and swallowed them dry. "You shouldn't have those in your purse."

"I think it's good I did." Claire bent down, adjusting the strap on her high heeled sandals. "These shoes hurt my feet."

"You probably shouldn't have chosen one of your smaller pairs."

Claire sighed. "What's wrong, Cam?"

"I've told you, I have a headache."

"Is that all?"

He walked over to her. "Don't worry," Cam said. He kissed her forehead. "Everything's fine. I'm just being...well, I just have a head ache. Maybe I'm coming down with something."

Chapter Four

Derrick was depressed. He missed Massie, and he talked about his desire to kiss her constantly. Cam was mopey, though sometimes Josh could get him cheer up a little. Josh was the only one who was, for the most part, unaffected by the Beckham-inspired spell.

"Alicia was cool for a while, but I got bored," Josh explained to Cam. "Girls don't really tend to hold my interest for that long - I jump from one to another pretty quickly. And when I don't have a crush on any, I pick one and pretend to have the biggest crush on her."

"That seems kind of mean," Cam replied. "And not at all romantic."

"For some people, relationships happen without romance, or platonic love," Josh said. "Sometimes it's just what's expected. Sometimes it's just passion." He looked at him carefully. "Sometimes it's entirely different. A dangerous blend of love, romance, passion, and forbidden mystery."

Cam smiled. "I wasn't talking about that. But I do miss Claire. She's really my best friend too, you know? And I love spending time with her, or thinking about her."

Josh raised an eyebrow. "You can't think about her?"

"Thinking about what songs she'd like is different if you can't give her the CD."

"I see."

Josh had originally approached Claire to explain. To get her to cheer up Cam. To help fix what had been broken. Only she saw it differently. And he didn't protest.

Claire called out for Cam to wait, much like Cam had called to Josh. Only Cam didn't wait.

"Uh, are you alright?" Josh asked awkwardly, wanting to run after Cam and beg for forgiveness. "I'm going to go...explain."

"Kind of strange, huh," he told Cam when he caught up to the hurt boy. "Your boyfriend kissing your girlfriend?"

Cam looked at him coldly, in a way Josh didn't know he possessed. "You're not my boyfriend," he said. "And Claire's not my girlfriend."

"I didn't mean to. And...I really think she didn't know about the spell - sort of like you never believed it was fake."

"You didn't either."

"Maybe not right at first. Anyway, it gave me a chance to not deal with Leesh...."

Cam turned away, silent.

"You hurt her, Cam. So she wanted to hurt you back."

For the longest time Cam didn't respond. Finally he did so, quietly. "And you?"

"I went to explain the spell to her, for you. She...I didn't get a chance. I couldn't very well push her away."

Cam turned. "Alright. But I think...I think she likes you."

Josh rolled his eyes. "She's head over heals for you."

"No. She likes you. And...and I can tell why."

"Does that mean you like me, Fisher?"

"Maybe just that."

Chapter Five

Claire returned, while Cam stayed outside. She was concerned about him, and confused, but she tried not to let it show - some things would never change, and these women might still attack.

"We went ahead and ordered a few bottles of wine," Massie informed her as she took a seat. (Claire noted how easily Massie once again resumed the leadership position.) "Red or white?"

"Um, no thanks."

Massie looked at her. "Everything okay with Cam?"

"He has a headache - well, travelling can be exhausting, and we just got back from Europe," she replied. She picked at her salad. "I'm not feeling entirely well, either."

"What's wrong?" Kristen asked.

"Um, my stomach's feeling a little upset - probably jet lag."

Claire watched Kristen lean over and whisper something to Dylan, and felt her stomach sink (and not just because of the nauseating smell of the plate of food a water had just walked by carrying). Massie's resuming leadership wasn't the only thing that everyone had easily sunk back into. She wondered what they were whispering, yet didn't want to know.

"So, Claire, anything big going on?" Kristen asked, with a knowing smile.

"What?" Claire said. "No! I mean, yes, but - what?"

Kristen rolled her eyes. "I'm a doctor, I can tell. How far along are you?""

Claire felt her heart pounding. Why did she feel like she was being attacked by a bunch of Chanel suit wearing sharks? "Far along with what?"

"Nothing," Massie supplied, and Kristen gave her a confused look. "Nothing is going on with Claire. Everything's perfectly normal. Claire, would you come talk with me for a minute?"

"Um, okay." Claire got up and followed Massie, confused but grateful.

"Was Kristen hinting at what I thought?" Massie asked.

"Yes," Claire admitted. "But I really don't want to tell everyone...yet. Well, not without Cam. And he's...I don't know, he was perfectly fine. But now he seems...distracted."

Massie leaned against the bathroom sink. "You don't think he's having an affair, do you?"

"What?! No!! Why would I think that?!"

Massie shrugged. "Well, if it was someone who was here...Nah, maybe it's more a reunion thing - an old flame, or something. Or a former affair. Hmmmm....maybe Olivia?"

"He hates her," Claire said flatly. She mentally tried to track every moment of Cam's time since they were twelve.

"Could be a cover up...nah, she's not his type. Okay, Dylan? Kristen, even? That could explain her nastiness...."

Claire shook her head. She had an entirely different idea. "I don't think so...I think...I think it was someone else."

Massie paced for a minute, then suddenly stopped. "Josh? He started acting strange when Josh came and...."

Claire felt a wave of naeseau, and clutched her stomach. "Cam...Josh...I don't know what to do. Ignore it, I suppose." She smiled weakly. "It's my future baby boy or girl that really matters. I want him or her to have a nice, secure family."

"If you do accuse, I'd be careful," Massie warned. "You don't really know...."

Josh quietly walked up to Cam. "What's going on with Claire? Kristen was hinting at something but-"

"She's pregnant."

Josh whistled. "Whoa. You don't sound particularly happy."

Cam turned around. "I was until...."

"Don't, Cam. You're settled, you're happy, you love your wife. Don't."

"Quite a reversal of roles, isn't it?"

"Don't even go there. I don't know what the hell you're doing, but it isn't smart." Josh's eyes were sharper than Cam had ever seen. "Go back to Claire - Kristen upset her, a good bit, I believe. Go take care of her."

"I had every intention of doing so, even before you said it."

"Which is why you're still out here?"

Cam met Josh's eyes, glaring. They stood like that for a minute. "I'm going back to my wife now," Cam declared as he turned and left.