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Jordan [userpic]
by Jordan (liaofconte)
at April 10th, 2006 (11:47 am)

An alternate universe, post IotBS multi-chap.

Devils in Disguise
by mochamocha<3 (GC) Here's the first part of it for now, as my computer's being weird.

The Block Estate
Massie's Bedroom
Sunday, February 15th
5:47 a.m.

Massie groaned and reached out a thin arm and answered her ringing cell phone. She tried to open her blurry eyes to read the caller ID, but it was too early.

"'Lo?" She mumbled into the phone.

"Massie?" Came Claire's voice. Massie woke up a little bit more and rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah? 'Sup?" Claire's voice was oddly congested and she sounded like she'd been crying. She didn't answer right away and Massie sat up in her bed. "Claire? What's wrong?" Claire sniffled and whispered into the phone,

"Can you come over?" Massie yawned.

"Uuurrrghhh. 'Kay, be right over." She snapped her cell shut and stretched her arms out above her head.

Bean, curled into a tiny ball at the foot of her bed shifted and gave a cute little sigh in her sleep before opening one eye.

"Bean, what could Kuh-laire want this early in the morning? It's not even six," She grumbled before pulling on her new purple cashmere Gucci robe and slipping on her fuzzy purple slippers. "It had better be important or else she's dead." She eyed Bean for a moment before picking her up and wrapping her in a light purple cashmere blanket.

"Whatever Claire needs, she sounded sad, and last night at the Loser's Party she never cracked a smile. She might need some canine companionship."

Massie ran across the huge lawn over to the newly renovated guest house. Now it was three stories tall, and almost half the size of Massie's mansion. So many things had changed about it, but Claire's bedroom was still facing Massie's, they'd begged for that not to change.

Claire was waiting at the heavy oak door and Massie gasped. Claire's face was red and puffy, and her hair was greasy and matted.

"Ehmagawd! What happened??" Claire looked away and went inside, leaving Massie to follow her.

Up in Claire's new room, Massie closed the door, pulled Claire onto her bed and practically shouted,

"Kuh-laire! What's wrong?" Claire automatically began to cry, and Massie felt horrible for her, even though she didn't know what was wrong. "Claire?" She asked again.

"M-M-Massie," Claire wailed. "I had my f-f-first kiss!" Massie gasped and was about to shriek her congrats when she noticed that Claire was still sobbing.

"What's so bad about that?" Claire sniffled and blew her nose with a disgusing Kleenex.

"It wasn't with C-C-Cam, it was with J-J-Josh H-Hotz!" Massie's mouth dropped open.

"Oh, Claire. Why?" Claire buried her head in her pillow.

"Cmmwasinnorinnmeesoikissjshhhhh," Massie sighed.

"What?" Claire pulled her head out of the pillow and took a deep breath, fortifying herself. Massie comfortingly handed her Bean, and Claire stroked the sleepy puppy's head.

"Cam was ignoring m-me, so I kissed Josh after the s-soccer game." Massie was silent. Kuh-laire had gotten her first kiss before Massie? How could this have happened??

"Wow. When we told you to make Cam jealous, I didn't seriously think you would." Claire burst into tears again. "Oops, sorry, not helping. Umm, well..." Massie was lost for words. Then a devilish smile crept up on her face.

"I know what would make you feel better," She stated. "Meet me at the pool at 2 o'clock, sharp." Claire nodded, but when Massie left, she began to cry again. Not even Massie could make her feel better! She blew her nose and turned on her computer. She had two new emails. One was from Layne from last night, telling her that Eli wanted her back now that Nina was gone, but she wasn't going to take him back. And the other email was from...


The Block Estate
The Pool
Sunday, February 15th
2:12 p.m.

"Ugh," Dylan complained fanning her face with a napkin. "Where is Kuh-laire? She's late!" For the middle of February, it was hot hot hot, and Massie, Dylan, Leesh and Kristen were burning up by the pool.

Massie frowned, glancing at her silver Prada watch.

"I dunno. But she'd better show up. We spent a long time getting ready." And it was true. Massie was hosting a spur of the moment VIP party, and the guests were coming at 3 o'clock. It was important that Claire get here before then or else the whole plan would be ruined. And all the decorations would be wasted.

Massie's cell rang and she glanced at the caller ID before answeing it with relief.

"Hey, Kuh-laire, where are you?" For some reason, Claire sounded worse than this morning.

"M-M-Massie! I c-can't come! C-C-Cam emailed m-me!"

"What?" Massie barked. "Get your butt down here right now and bring the email with you!" She snapped her phone shut without waiting for Claire to answer and turned to her friends.

"Okay. Claire is a total mess. We need to be here for her. 'Kay?" Kristen nodded, but she was moving her feet back and forth like she was playing soccer. Dylan didn't move, but continued nodded her head along with the beat of her iPod. Alicia was the only one who responded appropriately.

"Given. I heart that we're being so nice! It's way different then normal." Massie giggled before whirring into motion.

"Okay, Dylan, you're going to be in charge of the music. Kris, you're going to be in charge of the snacks. Leesh, you make sure that everyone is in the pool, and I'm going to take care of Claire." This time all of her friends nodded, and Massie smiled with pleasure. "Great, the guests should be here in about 45 minutes. That gives us plenty of time..."

Just then Claire stumbled in through the gate to the pool area and collapsed in a heap on one of the lounge chairs. Massie marched over to her and snapped her fingers under Claire's nose.

"Give me the email." Claire handed it over without a fight and Massie began to worry about her more than usual. She held it out in front of her so Dylan, Kristen and Alicia could read it too.


I wanted 2 tell U that I'm sry I ignored U. Nina lied to me, and I'm sry that I was stupid enuf 2 believe her. I wish that I could change what happened, but I can't. U R the nicest grl I've ever met, and I wish that U wanted me instead of Josh. I <3 U,


Alicia sighed dramatically and faked a swoon.

"Ehmagod Claire, that is soo romantic!" Kristen bounced on her toes and cackled.

"He loooooooooooves you!" Dylan pressed her hand to her heart and sniffled, which was partly because she was still sick.

"That's tho thweet!" Claire shook her head and cried some more.

"No. I can't like him any more. I kissed Josh, and I don't deserve Cam." Massie gasped.

"Ehmagawd! I totally forgot! Kuh-laire, you're coming with me. We're having a party." Claire shook her head.

"No. I can't party now." Massie crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

"Oh yes you can, and you will." She grabbed Claire's arm and dragged her into the gabanna. "Take over, Leesh!" Alicia nodded and ordered Kristen and Dylan around until Claire was out of earshot.

"We are totally going to get Cam and Claire back together!" She shouted, and Kristen and Dylan hi-fived her.


Block Estate
The Pool Changing Rooms
Sunday, February 15th
2:30 p.m.

"Kuh-laire! Hurry up and get out of there! I want to see how my Gucci bikini looks on you," Massie stomped her foot impatiently and waiting for Claire to finish changing.

"Massie," Claire sniffled. "I don't want to have a party. Cam is probably going to come, and I bet he hates me now." She blew her nose with a sheet of toilet paper and Massie winced in disgust.

"Yeah, right, Kuh-laire. Didn't you read his email to you? He's totally in love with you, still." Claire emerged from the stall, wearing Massie's pink Gucci bikini.

"Ehmagod, Claire! That looks so hot on you!" Claire giggled, but it was a poor imitation of her regular, throaty laugh.

"It does, doesn't it?" Massie nodded encouragingly.

"Given. I heart it," Massie had taken up Leesh's new favorite expression over the weekend. "Look in the mirror," Claire turned and looked at herself in the full length mirror. But instead of looking at the bikini, she looked at her red eyes. She started bawling again.

"Ugh! When Cam sees me like this, he'll run away and hide under his bed, he'll be so scared." Massie rolled her eyes.

"Haven't you ever heard of makeup?" Claire offered a weak smile.

"Yeah, but in the pool? A total BMP." Massie smiled to herself. Claire was talking more and more like Massie and her clique, and Massie was loving it.

"Claire, it won't be a Bury Me Please, I swear! If you'd just quit crying it'd go away, and then you can go into the water after your eyes get back to normal." Claire hesitated, then nodded.

"'Kay." Massie smiled and began to work her magic...

The Block Estate
The Pool
Saturday, February 15th
3:00 p.m.

Kristen, Alicia and Dylan had managed to get the entire pool area looking fabulous by the time the guests started to arrive. Massie looked approvingly at the line of cars in her long driveway and smiled, but it disappeared once she saw who the first hugely busty guest was.

"Leesh!" Massie barked, annoyed. "Why did you invite Faux-livia? This party is for VIPs, only. And besides, she got a knock-off bathing suit." Alicia looked at her French-manicured nails, biting her bottom lip.

"I didn't invite her, Mass. We had a fight yesterday after the soccer game and she hates me now." Massie's face softened.

"What was it about?" She said, sitting next to Alicia by the food bar.

"Oh, I dunno. I told her she had awful taste in guys because she was flirting with Kemp Hurley, she called me a big boobed slut, I said look who's talking, Faux-boobs and then made up a really mean dumb blonde joke, and she ran away." Massie tried to control herself, but her giggles escaped.

"Leesh! You finally got annoyed with the airhead, congrats!" Alicia laughed too.

"You know, I'm glad we got in a fight. She was soo jealous of you, Massie, did you know that? And when she got that boob job it just drove me crazy." Massie smiled.

"Well, I'm glad we got rid of the EW. We'll figure out a way to get rid of her today. Besides, I'm not o--" Claire crashed into the table next to Massie and Alicia, spilling freezing water from a crystal pitcher all over them.

"Kuh-laire!" Massie screeched. But Claire didn't apologize, she was too busy staring wide-eyed at a certain dark-haired boy with red lips coming towards them. And the girl by his side, in a too small bikini, smiling up at him and holding his hand in hers.

Massie's old enemy, Becca Wilder.

The Block Estate
The Pool Changing Rooms
Sunday, February 15th
3:12 p.m.

"Massie, I can't go back out there! Cam likes Becca now!" Massie and Alicia looked at each other, both of them rolling their eyes.

"Claire, I really don't think Cam likes Becca Wilder," Alicia said. "Did you see how his face lit up when he saw you?" Massie snorted.

"And when he waved you started crying and ran away!" Alicia elbowed Massie. "Oww," Massie complained, but Alicia ignored her. She banged on the stall where Claire was hiding, sobbing.

"Claire, please, please come out. Everyone is here now, and we have to go out there." They could hear Claire rolling out some toilet paper and blowing her nose. She came out of the stall, and surprisingly her cover up makeup wasn't messed up.

"Is Josh Hotz here?" Claire asked warily. She was too weak to resist the efforts of her friends, and they grinned in triumph.

"Are you joking? As if. But Cam's here, and that's all you should be worried about." Claire sniffled one last time.

"Can you go out and talk to Cam? Ask him if he's going out with Becca?" Massie frowned but before she could respond Alicia nodded.

"Given. Stay here, we'll be right back." Claire smiled at Alicia and sat on the fluffy and heated bench.

"'Kay." Massie and Alicia linked arms and sauntered out to the pool side. Cam was chatting with Derrington and Chris Plovert, and luckily, Becca wasn't anywhere around.

"How did all these LBRs get into my VIP party?" Massie grumbled. Alicia rolled her eyes.

"Faux-livia probably invited them. She still thinks you and K and D are her friends..." Massie laughed out loud.

"Ha! Yeah right!"

Leesh and Massie made their way through the thronging people, over to Cam and Derrington. Massie began to fuss with her hair.

"Do I look okay, Leesh?" Alicia laughed.

"You're fine! Sheesh Mass, you seriously need to quit worrying. You always look good!" Massie flashed her a toothy smile.

"Thanks!" Alicia laughed, and then reached out and tapped Cam on the shoulder.

"Hey Cam," Alicia smiled. She was looking at Cam, but Massie's eyes were on Derrington. Derrington grinned, and gestured to his bathing suit trunks. Pinned on the bottom of one of the legs was a green brooch in the shape of the letter M. Massie blushed and smiled at him.

"Aww, Derrick. That is soo sweet!" She gushed. Derrington smiled wider and his eyes flickered mischieviously.

"You know what would be sweeter?" Alicia had forgotten all about Cam, Claire and Becca now. She and Cam were staring at Massie and Derrington.

"What?" Massie said, frowning.

"This," Derrington whispered and planted his lips on Massie's.

The entire party fell silent and Claire peeked out from the changing rooms. She giggled. Wasn't that ironic? Massie and Claire getting both of their first kisses only a day apart?

Massie opened her eyes when the kiss was over and smiled, her face flushed and happy. She, apparently, had forgotten about Claire and Cam too, and this made Claire sad again.

Why was nobody trying hard to make Claire feel better? Was she really that unimportant?

The Block Estate
The Newly Renovated Guesthouse
February 15th
6:21 p.m.

Claire sat on her bed and cried. Her entire face was swollen from crying, and she had covered her mirror with a blanket to keep herself from seeing what a mess she looked.

Claire sighed and wiped her face with a Kleenex to get rid of the last of her tears. She was way over crying. It was time to plan payback, or atleast see if Massie hated her.

She logged onto IM and was greeted by several IMs.

Massiekur: Where did U go???
ClaireBear: Leave me alone.
Massiekur: Why did U ditch the party?
Massiekur: We looked all over 4 U after U disappeared. Cam wz w/ us.

Claire stopped breathing.

ClaireBear: What did he want?
Massiekur: U!!!
Massiekur: Do I look like I'm tired?
ClaireBear: No...
Massiekur: Then why do U think I'm a lyer?
ClaireBear: Ha ha.
Massiekur: I'm coming over. B right over.
Massiekur is away

While Massie got ready and turned off her light, Claire answered another IM.

SexySportsBabe: Claire!
ClaireBear: Wat?
SexySportsBabe: Cam still likes U. He's not w/ Becca.
ClaireBear: Source?
SexySportsBabe: Cam.
ClaireBear: w/e
ClaireBear: R U sure?
SexySportsBabe: Yes.
ClaireBear: smile.gif

Claire sighed. They were probably telling the truth. She just needed two more reassurences that Cam still liked her...

ClaireBear: So I've heard.
HolaGurrl: R U happy?
ClaireBear: No.
HolaGurrl: Why not???!!!
ClaireBear: Because I don't deserve him!!
HolaGurrl: Get real. He still likes U. He's not going out w/ B. They're cousins!
ClaireBear: Serious?
HolaGurrl: 100%
ClaireBear: smile.gif Thanks

Claire smiled. She was almost 100% reassured. Now all she needed was support from Dylan.

BigRedHead: R U & Cam back 2gether yt?
ClaireBear: No. Almost.
BigRedHead: Oh.
ClaireBear: Wat???
BigRedHead: It's just that... nvm
ClaireBear: Gossip pts?
BigRedHead: No.
BigRedHead: It's just that I saw Becca & Cam kissing.
ClaireBear: Eww!!
ClaireBear: They're COUSINS!
BigRedHead has signed off.

Claire stared at Dylan's message. She was lying. It was obvious. But the question going around Claire's head was why???