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Jordan [userpic]
by Jordan (liaofconte)
at April 10th, 2006 (02:57 pm)

By mochamocha<3: Life: The Clique (UC)
"Okey dokey, so I'm writing a new fan fic, but it's going to be in diary entries from the clique and Derrington's journal. (By the way, whenever it's Derrington's journal, the bold is Derrington and the italic is Cam). Here's the first chapter, tell me how you like it." In progress

This diary journal belongs to:

Derrick Harrington and Cam Fisher

Dude. I can’t believe you’re writing in a diary. Diaries are for sissys, not the star goalie of Briarwood Academy’s soccer team!

Just give me back the journal.

Not until you tell me why you’re writing in a sissy diary. Only girls write in diaries.

It’s not a diary! It’s a journal!

It says diary on the front of the book.

Well, now it doesn’t.

Because you scibbled it out and wrote journal instead.

So? Hey, what’re you writing?

There, now it belongs to both of us, so you better tell me why the hell you’re writing in a stupid, sissy diary when you’re in 9th grade!

It’s a journal, not a diary!! Anyways, I have to write in a journal for a few months and then turn it in to the school counselor. She’s going to keep it for awhile, then let me reread it to see how I changed my life.

But WHY?

Because she says it will help me with some of my problems.

Like what?

Like the ones I’ve been having since Massie broke up with me.

Dude, that was two months ago! Get over it!

I still like her. You can’t get over something like that.

You cheated on her with one of her best friends. It was your fault.

I know it was, but I still like her. You can’t control something like that. And who’re you to talk? You and Claire barely speak to each other any more.

That’s because she doesn’t want to hurt Massie’s feelings by talking to me, since I’m your best friend.

So you’re as good as broken up.

No. We hook up on the weekends and I send her candy through Todd all the time.

Massie’s going to find out. She always does.

I don’t care. Atleast Claire and I are together.

Shut up.

Whatever. So why did Massie break up with you anyways? Besides the fact that you cheated on her with—

Stop it. I’m not going to tell you. I’m going to write it all in the journal, and you’ll never know.

Yeah right. I’m going to steal this sissy diary and read everything you write anyways.

I don’t care.

You’re such a liar. And you’re in denial. Get over her!

I can't.

Well, that’s your problem. Now get to writing, sissy boy, so I can steal your diary and read it.

It’s not a diary. It’s a journal.

Dear Diary,

Wow. I’ve never written those words before. But I have to, because my Palm Pilot is broken, and I’m too depressed to get it fixed, or to buy a new one. For the first time in my life, I’ve actually had no appetite for shopping. And since Claire got me this for my birthday, I guess I’d better use it, even though I’m never going to wear that gross strawberry Smackers lip stuff she gave me, because it gave me a cold sore when I first put it on and it’s way too immature for a ninth grader to wear.

Anyways, where to start? So much has happened since seventh grade, and almost none of it is good. Except for me and Derrington Derrick finally getting together and staying together… For awhile at least.

Bean is bigger now, but she’s still smaller than pugs normally are, even when they’re full grown. Claire still lives in our guesthouse, but I guess it’s not ours any more. Last year they bought the property from us, so now it’s actually theirs, but it still feels like they’re just visiting. I still have my Friday night sleepovers, but now there’s only four extra sleeping bags again, because someone is too ashamed of themselves to show up any more. Not that I want her there in the first place. Because she’s a nasty, slutty, backstabbing bitch, who has no control over her hormonal needs and I fucking hate her and she’s so dead to me!

Anyways, where was I? In seventh grade, we got expelled from OCD, but after Dylan’s mom did a two hour special on how unfair it was on her show, the Daily Grind, Alicia’s dad sued, and my mom and dad threatened to take back and destroy every single classroom, spa and even the Starbucks that they’d built, Principal Burns let us back in, even though she’s made our every minute there a living hell because she can hold a looong grudge.

Last year was probably the best year of my life, but now I can’t remember why. I think it had something to do with the fact that I was deliriously happy with Derrington Derrick the whole year. Until the beginning of high school. By the way, he’s no longer worthy of his nickname Derrington, so he’s been downgraded to Derrick. That’s what he gets for being a horrible, cheating boyfriend.

I’m still the most popular girl at school, but it doesn’t really matter any more. Nothing really matters any more. I guess that’s how you feel when you’re cheated on. I have a new boyfriend now, and it’s kind of ironic, because he felt just as betrayed when he found out that she was cheating on him as I had felt when I found out Derrick was cheating. So we hooked up and are happy together. Atleast, that’s what I pretend. But I don’t care, because I heard that Derring—Derrick is with that slutty eighth grader now. Her name is Faux-livia. She used to be Alicia’s friend, but after she got held back in seventh grade, Leesh ditched her.

Anyways, my hand is cramping up for writing so much, and I’m dead tired, and my eyes are burning from crying, so I’m going to stop now. Maybe I’ll eventually be able to talk about what Derrick did to me, but for now, I’m going to keep it secret. –Massie Block